How does "Top Traffic Sources" work

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I’m not sure exactly how the top traffic sources in the admin panel is working. For example, this is my forum:

I see traffic sources from facebook, google, reddit etc . All of those places where my forum was posted was just a normal link.

Then for example I ran a promotion here

Obviously tons of people went through the link in the OP there but none of the traffic sources list that thread or that site (btctalk). Is that a bug or how do I make it so that I know how many clicks happened through that thread (or some banner I put up on a site for advertisement)

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Anyone able to give me a hand here? :smile:

(blaumeer) #3

Perhaps because an https site does not send a referer usually, as per RFC 2616? The bitcointalk site you mention is https.

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Is there any special link I can create that when clicked will notify me of the traffic coming from that site?

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anyone…? thanks guys

(Dave McClure) #6

Per @blau’s link:

“Clients SHOULD NOT include a Referer header field in a (non-secure) HTTP request if the referring page was transferred with a secure protocol”

So as a first “quick fix” make sure your applications use HTTPS.