How Edit Category Description?

I am embarrassed to post this, but here I am. I am unable to figure out how to edit the Category description. By category description, I mean, if you look at the linked snapshot, I want to change "Topics that don’t need a category . . . " for the Lafayette Colorado Advocacy Group to a different description.

I would have thought that to edit this I would go into this editing section to the right of the section I want to edit:

Thanks so much!

Uncategorized has special rules, search your site settings for uncategorized.

Just to clarify, you can’t edit the uncategorized description, correct? Or am I missing something?

Searching your site settings for uncategorized reveals two options,

  • allow_uncategorized_topics: Allow topics to be created without a category. WARNING: If there are any uncategorized topics, you must recategorize them before turning this off.
  • suppress_uncategorized_badge: Don’t show the badge for uncategorized topics in topic lists.
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Hi @Curtis_Kephart,

If you look at a preset category like that, under security, you get this warning:


I am using my preseeded category for site feedback (which I am pretty sure wasn’t its original purpose). I do that at my own risk. I am not permitting posting a topic without a category. I also don’t care if I don’t have all the extra bells and whistles under edit category–>settings in this category.

If I recall correctly, I couldn’t figure out how to delete this category and chose this fix. So not advocating this approach although it has worked nicely for me so far.

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You can’t delete it, correct. You can suppress it though, which does the same thing.

We’ll change the way Uncategorized works at some point. It creates a world of hurt for people.