How i connect my website to cloudflare? the explained way is difficult to me

(Dexter MacCulin) #1


can anybody tell me how i connect my website to cloudflare? i did search here but found very difficult to understand so please make it to me step by step so i will not get lost, also Let`s encrypt is activated on my website i heard that cloudflare and lets encrypt are not friends.

thank you

(Jeff Atwood) #2

Why do you need it? I suggest a traditional CDN instead.

(Dexter MacCulin) #3

Hello jeff, sorry for the late reply.
in fact just trying to add another layer of performance, i tried this with wordpress before and went fine but i don`t know if i need it here so bad ?? and what traditional CDN means ?

(Dexter MacCulin) #4

What are your recommendations sir in this matter ?

in fact just i need speed for far location, our server is located in Germany and from Australian is taking 8 seconds i want to reduce the waiting time by that way, so am ready to hear your suggestion,

(Michael Brown) #5

If you configure Discourse with knowledge of a CDN, then it’ll send all requests for static assets to the CDN.

Since all dynamic requests have to hit the server anyways, Cloudflare in front of those might make the problem worse.

(Dexter MacCulin) #6

Sounds clear enough… Thanks A lot.