How is Discourse better or different than Quora?

(Sagar) #1

What is the difference between discourse and Quora? And how is Discourse better than Quora?

(Joshua Rosenfeld) #2

Hey @sburra, have you read anything on the Discourse website? I would recommend starting here: That gives a very nice overview of of the big features in Discourse, and some of what sets it apart from other platforms out there. To the best of my knowledge, Quora isn’t a forum in the traditional sense. It is more of a giant knowledge base. While there is only one Quora site, there are hundreds of Discourse sites out there, all related to something different. Meta (where we are know) is related to the software itself, its development, plugins, and more. is a sandbox where you can play around with Discourse and see some of its features. Everything is deleted each day, so you don’t have to worry about cluttering it up. There is a nice directory of Discourse forums (though incomplete) here:
Please visit our Discourse Forum! (Directory)

Can you share a bit more of what you are looking for? If you give some details about what your end goal is, you will likely get more helpful responses. What type of community are you trying to set up? Do you have an existing online forum?

(Sagar) #3

Hi Joshua, thanks for the reply. I saw that we can summarize, translate, make private websites. I tried and failed to find those features here. Could you please let me know where I can find those?


(Joshua Rosenfeld) #4

Well now you’ve lost me a bit…

Not sure what you mean by this? Long topics (>50 posts) have a summary option, which picks the top posts (based on likes, I believe) to help make longer topics quicker to follow.

Discourse itself (the software) is translated into many languages. In the link above there are a bunch of forums that run in other languages. Translation is community based and done via Transifex

A Discourse site can be as private as you like. You can require login to see anything on the entire website and require login approval so you choose who joins, or you can restrict certain categories of the site to specific groups. Discourse already has a built in “private” category, the #lounge, which is viewable only to users with TL3 or above.

(rafalp) #5

Discourse is forum software that you can download and install on your server to run your own forum.

Quora is Q&A website that you and others can register on and ask/answer questions.