How is Discourse planning to go mainstream?

(Parvez) #1

I’ve read @codinghorror’s blog about why he started Discourse and I have to say that I wholeheartedly agree with him. I’ve always felt that the forumsphere needed to evolve as the web did.

Discourse looks really great and I hope it’ll serve its intended purpose. However, I have some fairly basic concerns about that. Discourse installation seems to be very hard for the average webmaster. I’ve worked with several communities(big and small) and you’ll be surprised how many of them are still running on shared hosting environment. The other one’s maybe got a dedicated box but they’re running everything on a single box and NONE of the forum admins could work without cPanel. These forum admins are not really tech savvy and they are used to the ‘ftp the files and run the installer’ type installation. Problem is, except a few exceptions, niche community forums are mainly built by these kind of people.

Anyways, I think I’ve made my point. :slight_smile: I’m just curious about Discourse’s plan about going beyond a few tech savvy admins/programmers and become truly mainstream.

(Kris) #2

They plan on hosting it themselves for a small scalable monthly fee — seems pretty in-line with what you’d pay for halfway decent hosting anyway. I’m also guessing the plan would include other hosts offering it as a one-click install type of deal like many currently do with Wordpress.

The platform generally seems to be rather forward-looking, so a lot of the $5 hosting plans that run phpBB or whatever else people use wouldn’t be sufficient anyway…

(Parvez) #3

Yes…I know that they are planning a hosted version. But I don’t think that will take Discourse mainstream. Hosted version will certainly erase the pain on installing and maintaining for some people.

WordPress had to come a long way before people could even install it with one click on fantastico. I’m not sure WordPress would’ve evolved into what it is today, if it was really hard to get it up and running.

(Daniel Watkins) #4

The team have said in several places that simplifying the installation process is important to them, so I wouldn’t worry about it too much.

(James P) #5

What @Odd_Bloke said. This software is still brand new. Give it some time, and they’ll clean up the install process and make it much easier, along with step-by-step guides and possibly even a list of recommended hosts.

(Jeff Atwood) #6

You’re right, we definitely want to get there – but remember Discourse is barely 2 weeks old as a public project! We have at least 6 solid months of work to do before I’d recommend anyone (who doesn’t like being on the bleeding and broken edge) running a production Discourse server.

It is also the goal to drive Ruby towards a better hosting story. It’s far better than it was in 2009, but it can be better still.

(malonedotcc) #7

You’re right, when you live on the bleeding edge it’s hard to see the line between production and development. On reading this post I did a double take before remembering that Discourse is still super-young.

(darron) #9

It also seems that due to some of the technology choices (Rails, Pg, Redis), this may be a good fit to upload to Heroku too - that significantly helps with hosting complications.

(Manuel Alexandro Hurtado Zernickow) #10

Hey there!

One of those “not tech savvy” admins just landed in this forum looking for a way to install discourse for dummies using cPanel for a WordPress blog :stuck_out_tongue:

(Dave McClure) #11

This is the recommended way to install Discourse if you’re doing it on your own:

Otherwise, check out the installation / hosting plans offered by the discourse team or a third party like

(Manuel Alexandro Hurtado Zernickow) #12

Thanks for your reply @mcwumbly!

Well, right now we are building up from scratches a website for a non for profit foundation in Colombia, so even the 99 U$D installation with the 10 U$D a month is out of the budget… but I felt so in love with Discourse after landing in Boing Boing that is the one that I want… for now it seems that we will be using disqus :stuck_out_tongue: