How is it like to be a Discourse intern?

(Kenny Meyer) #1

I noticed there are a few team members in the forum with “intern” badges - I wondered:

  • How does an internship look like?
  • Who gets accepted into an internship?
  • Can anyone personally relate about his experience as an intern?
  • What are the follow-up paths from being an intern?

Thank you.

(Michael Downey) #2

Not that it answers all your questions, but did you already see this?

(Kenny Meyer) #3

Yes, I’ve seen that article, which is one of the reasons I am asking.

(Robin Ward) #4

I think @techAPJ or @riking can answer questions about how annoying we are to work with on a daily basis :smile:

I will say that we have no official internship stream or anything like that, both of our interns were found via different routes.

Discourse is still quite a small organization right now. My advice for anyone who is interested in working with us is to start contributing PRs. If we had a position to fill we’d definitely look at active contributors first.