How is your experience with discourse-mobile?

(Pad Pors) #1

our users have some bad experiences using our forum in mobile, as a web application.

two of the common issues they face:

  1. they log into their account, the page refreshes, but then the page still shows log in button!

  2. when they are writing, the page locks; and they can’t submit their answer until they refresh the page.

the first one happens a lot! as a result they can’t log into their account in mobile. does any one know if it’s something related to our host or does anyone else know how can we make this experience better?

Site doesn't launch after bringing back nginx reverse proxy
(Sam Saffron) #2

What exact phone model/browser are we talking about here?

(Jay Pfaffman) #3

Is your site not https and are you somewhere that people’s ISPs are likely to interject ads or whatever?

(Pad Pors) #4

@sam the first issue, not being able to log in, has happened on different devices, mostly android; chrome & firefox.

the site is https, so I guess the ISPs can’t interfere the connection.

though the connection is quite slow at our region, and I’m not sure if this is the problem for this case.

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