How js.filters.with_category is used?

(Anton) #1

key: js.filters.with_category
value: %{filter} %{category} topics

May someone provide a few examples on how it is used?
Which transifex keys are used to be placed in the one above?

(Gerhard Schlager) #2

It’s the page title when you select a filter for a category.

Example: When you select the #feature category and the “New” filter, you will see “New feature topics” as the page title:

So, categories have no key in Transifex. They depend on the category list in your Discourse instance.
The keys for %{filter} are:

  • js.filters.latest.title
  • js.filters.latest.title_with_count
  • js.filters.unread.title
  • js.filters.unread.title_with_count