How many concurrent users are supported in discourse?

(ginger man) #1

I am going to start a community for my college with discourse. I like to use discourse as a private forum with logins.

Can someone points to the concurrent user limit for Digital Ocean 1 GB & 2 GB plans especially for private forums ?

What about hosting ? How many concurrent users is benchmarked for standard & business plans ? @codinghorror can you shed some light here?

@michaeld your inputs on discoursehosting for different plans will also be useful.

(Homebrew Hops) #2

This discussion could shed some light for you:

(Michael - #3

It depends a lot on how your users behave. Users that are just watching a pretty static forum are much different from a situation where many posts are made. Also, the endless scrolling feature will generate more pageviews on a long topic.

But I will make some calculations later this week and share them with you.