How many Concurrent users can my site bear?

(Yoginth) #1

My Server Config

CPU: 8 Core
Memory: 3GB
Storage: 300GB

How many concurrent users can my site bear?

(Bhanu Sharma) #2

That can’t be answered because the concurrent users can be all super active or not active or somewhere in between. They may be browsing & uploading too much or not browsing or uploading at all or somewhere in between.

You should really let it grow until you start to see early signs of performance downgrade e.g. persistently slow load times or unexpected CPU usage and then it will be the time when you need to upgrade.

There can’t be a number or range as to how many.

(Jeff Atwood) #3

Well said, this also depends how fast the CPU cores are. Having 8 very slow cores isn’t as effective as 2 extremely fast cores.

(And for that matter, it also depends somewhat how fast the storage is. 300GB of spinning metal rust is nowhere near the equivalent of 300GB modern M.2 SSD)