How many likes per Discourse post?

(Erlend Sogge Heggen) #1

If you visit, you’ll notice an interesting little statistic presented in their slider:

20 million comments a month
80 million likes a month

That’s an average of 4 likes per comment. This immediately made me curious: What’s the likes-to-comments ratio of Discourse…

  • globally?
  • on Meta?
  • on some of its biggest forums?

I’m not really planning to draw any kind of conclusion from the metrics. It’d just be really cool tidbit of information. My hypothesis is that it’s higher.

As far as impressive metrics go, I reckon my to-be-favorite Discourse metric will be “# of pages read per user” combined with “time spent on site”.

(Kane York) #2

Well, you can check it for Meta right here:

In the last week, there were 900 posts and 700 likes.

On boingboing, there were 4600 posts and 8200 likes.

On HowToGeek, there were 740 posts and 140 likes.

On Turtle Rock, there were 3600 posts and 2200 likes.

On TDWTF, there were 6200 posts and 19,000 likes. This is… a little invalid for that site, though. Many of those, both posts and likes, are automatically generated.

On Sitepoint, there were 2100 posts and 315 likes. This is probably due to the migration - not everyone is used to making likes yet.

It clearly varies greatly by community.

(Mittineague) #3

As much as I like seeing 6.9K Likes I put little trust in it’s accuracy ATM due to the migration.