How many people are online at one time with 1 GB RAM

(Cheng Trang) #1

I using OS Ubuntu 1 GB RAM, I want to ask can predictable how many people are online at one time with 1G RAM.
Thank support!

(Cheng Trang) #2

Update…tks support!

(Régis Hanol) #3

There are so many variables here. How fast is your CPU? What are your users doing? How many of them are anonymous users versus logged-in users? How many of them are reading versus writing posts?

As usual, your best option is to actually test it.

(Cheng Trang) #4

Thank man!
I want to ask figure forecast.
I using VPS of Digitalocean.Suppose all users are online at the same time for read a post…
(I want to ask an estimated)

(ljpp) #5

I’ve seen ~200 concurrent lurkers on a 1GB VPS. One topic/post of mine gained a little traction in Hacker News, causing a spike in traffic. But they just anonymously read a post and went away.

(Cheng Trang) #6

Thank so much!..i seen… <3