How many people are online at one time with 1 GB RAM

I using OS Ubuntu 1 GB RAM, I want to ask can predictable how many people are online at one time with 1G RAM.
Thank support!

Update…tks support!

There are so many variables here. How fast is your CPU? What are your users doing? How many of them are anonymous users versus logged-in users? How many of them are reading versus writing posts?

As usual, your best option is to actually test it.


Thank man!
I want to ask figure forecast.
I using VPS of Digitalocean.Suppose all users are online at the same time for read a post…
(I want to ask an estimated)

I’ve seen ~200 concurrent lurkers on a 1GB VPS. One topic/post of mine gained a little traction in Hacker News, causing a spike in traffic. But they just anonymously read a post and went away.


Thank so much!..i seen… <3