How redirect non www to www in docker installation


how i can redirect non-www to www my domin in docker installation
i want just one of them , whitout nginx


Is it set as the main domain or a subdomain right now? If it’s a main domain install, then an a-record with www is in order with your domain hosting company. Then you rebuild the container. No need for a redirect if you’re certain you will only use the domain for a discourse forum.


my discourse in the min domin
im used the cdn and im setuped an a record but not work ,


I have yet to play with CDN, but did give this thread a read recently. Have you looked through it yet?


Thanks for your reply
But fastly cdn not work in my country
I think i must use a cpanel for for a record , its work in cpanel


Okay, try this:

The nginx mentioned here is not outside the container. It’s part of the base discourse image.