How "Reply" to post button text can be changed to "Comment"?


How can I change “Reply” button text to “Comment” on the topic page? My website is more about Questions and Answers, and people usually comment on other answers, not replying.


I’m using great plugin GitHub - Mittineague/custom-text: A simple Discourse plugin by @Mittineague to customize different texts. However the main problem when I edit:

        title: 'Comment'

I get Main “Reply” to topic button changed to “Comment” too as you can see from previous mockup/screenshot.

Please help. How can I customize both of these button text independently?

Thank you so much in advance.

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I was gonna say you shouldn’t rename the button because Reply actually means reply, but you did your homework :-). The last Reply at the bottom could benefit from renaming.

Yes, basically I want to convert Community/discussion nature of Discourse to strictly Questions&Answers one. In this regard, I already renamed:
topic(s) > question(s)
post(s) > answer(s)
New Topic > “Ask a Question”
Reply button at the bottom of each Topic > “Write your Answer”

the only problem now is Reply button under each post. Main Reply button and post reply button are using the same text string as I understood.

I’m just interested is it possible to change both of these button texts independently? using only client.en.yml override plugin and not changing anything in the core of Discourse

Yes, I understand, you explained it well, let’s see if an actual dev can help.
I think it’d be a good feature.

While waiting for official answer from developers I came up with a temporary css solution. I’ve added this code to Customization CSS and now I have word Reply replaced by Comment under each post.

/* Replace Reply with Comment */
.create.fade-out {
    color: transparent !important;
    font-size: 0px !important;
.create.fade-out::after {
    font-size: 14px !important;
    color: #4e4e4e !important;
} .create i {
    font-size: 15px !important;
    color: #4e4e4e !important;
    margin-left: 10px;


Its quite old now, however there is a mixed up solution here, which might be helpful for users like me :slight_smile:

Go to Admin -> Customize

Step 1: Follow steps provided by @stantyan above (under Themes, with CSS attribute 'content: “WHAT EVER YOU WANT”)
Step 2: Open Text Content and search Reply or js.topic.reply.title update to text you would like to have for bottom, i.e. “NEW TEXT”.

See how it will appear:

If any better solutions there, always welcome :wink:


I think I found this in-built Discourse feature to change ‘text content’.

It helps you change any string within Discourse and is much cleaner way to do it.

I did use this feature on my Discourse installation and it indeed is a powerful way of changing almost everything that you read.

I replaced all instances of word ‘Topic’ with ‘Question’ and all ‘reply’ with ‘Answer’ here:

The only caveat is that you have to search and replace the text instances one by one. It is not ‘Replace all’ feature.
But, I am happy that it works pretty well after the initial one time set up.


The other caveat was discussed above. You cannot change the “reply to post” Reply and the “reply to original post” button texts independently without hacking a bit of css or javascript.

The last two clients I’ve helped onto Discourse both wanted to change this as it’s confusing as to how threading works.

Try the following code. I’m not sure, but it seems like it should work. .names span.full-name, button.reply.create span.d-button-label {
    display: none;
} button.reply.create:after {
    content: " comm";