How searching by link exactly work?

Previously @sam told me the following feature request is merged:

However when I try to search the link, I get nothing

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Now I’m getting confused. Cause the search quesy I provided, finds this topic. But not the other:

Hmm, maybe the search index here on meta needs to be rebuilt?

To clarify, are you asking if page URLs are included in the search index?

Sam confirmed that URLs within posts would now be returned, but it looks as though you’re asking for URLs of posts to be returned too? If not then yes, something appears to be missing from the index.

I can see that the page refers to itself, is there a special case when pages are self-referential like that?

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@Stephen eh, this is confusing, but it seems that that old post actually includes a link to itself. :slight_smile: So I think the search should find it.

@hosna if you are able to edit that old post, you can try and then search again, perhaps that would resolve it.

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I guess the easy litmus test is to search a bunch of page URLs with links created before and after the PR. Were I not on mobile that would probably be my next step.


Ok trying to test this link :slight_smile:

It seems full url search is working

And some partial search also work :

but not all of them :

@sam can you please clarify how exactly this functionality works?
cc: @nbianca

I still don’t understand how this works :roll_eyes:

BTW is there a way to do a search by two queries and finding posts that contain either of those two?

I still need the answer to this question, please :pray: .

I also have problems with search for URLs.

My instance was installed in March 2019, so far after the mentioned PR.
However I was unable to find anything for a URL, which is contained in the post (exact URL match).

Any progress on this issue?