How SEO friendly is Discourse?


(Arijit Biswas) #1

Friends. I hope you’re doing good. The question I’m asking probably asked a few times. I also googled a bit but the discussions was 1 year ago. So, here I’m asking it again.

When I googled “Best SEO friendly forums software” the search came up with vBulletin or IPV. But honestly I like Discourse over any other existing forum software because of 2 reasons - Free Open Source & Mobile friendly.

So, how much SEO friendly Discourse is? I google a lot, but no offense I see around less than 1% results of forums using Discourse. I don’t know why, probably they don’t about it, or they don’t like it or the it’s not much SEO friendly. :roll_eyes:

That is the main reason I’m asking this. I hope I will received a long & detailed reply. :slight_smile:

A few more others questions:

  1. Does Discourse provide sitemap.xml for fast indexing?
  2. Does Discourse Ad Plugin works well in Mobile? My 90% visitors will be from mobile. I never seen any in-action Discourse Ad Plugin. If any one using ads on discourse kindly post the link, I wants to see how it’s looks.
  3. It’s more of a features requests - Is there any way to tell Google the date of last conversion date or last replied to thread date, instead of the Date the when the thread was published? Because no one like a old discussion threads. :slightly_frowning_face:

(Gina A. Riley) #2

I looked up SEO friendly . . . correct me if I am wrong, but it appears most of those discussions are at least 1 to 6 (or more) years old.

I decided to go with discourse because I am an active member on another forum that uses this and it works really well. It’s sleek, modern, great features, minimal spam alert - I :heart: the :black_flag: feature - because it keeps spammer out and members can help monitor it.

Free open source and mobile friendly is a :heavy_plus_sign: but that is not the reason for my choosing it. I am using mine for discussion for writers/authors/assistants - I am not going to be running a business, so I don’t care how slowly or fast it grows. Don’t get me wrong, I’m planning on advertising to get members; I’d like for it to succeed.

If you are using for business or for gaming purposes, your desire is different than mine, so I can understand your concerns.

I’m not live yet; at least not for another few weeks; finishing touches on it right now. I’m really excited and nervous at the same time.

Hopefully, a staff member or a designer will come along and better answer your questions. Good luck with your new forum!! :slight_smile:

(rafalp) #3

Keep on mind that software’s popularity will introduce considerable bias to such “research”. Both vB and IPB are wildly popular PHP solutions that are established players -min fact vB is one of first if not first PHP & MySQL forum software and IPB followed soon afterwards.

Your search results will always skewer to what’s most popular solution out there, unless you are searching for something wildly specific. For example searching video game questions when most popular community is ran by its studio will bias towards the software that they are using like Homeworld with bulk of discussion happening on GearBox’s Discourse powered forums, or bulk of Destiny discussion happening on Bungie’s forums.

(Roland) #4

The titles are great for SEO. Rest not so much. Tags dont do anything either.

(ljpp) #5

Our site is ranked 2nd by Google when searching with a team name. We run a pro ice hockey club’s fan forum and lose only to the team’s own website, beating the local pro league website and all major media companies.

I have no idea how good Discourse is from technical perpective, but our user stats are basically killing on Google (bounce rate, repeated visits, time spent…).

(Arijit Biswas) #6

May I have the link?

(ljpp) #7

The keyword you are looking at is “Tappara”, the name of the team.

(Aaron Bell) #8

I am creating a discourse community because i want to offer users of another community a better platform.

Issue is, this other forums results definitely get top of the line SEO on most searches.

(Gina A. Riley) #9

Could it possibly be because those forums have been around longer, therefore more topics and discussions, hence by default it comes up at the top?

(Sam Saffron) #10

Search for “keto forum” on google, did not even exist last year now it tops google and looks better than most results

If you have great content you will top google, if your content is rubbish we can not magic you to #1

(Aaron Bell) #11

Yes, its been around for a while and the user experience is horrible. You need a 15 character password to even sign up which prevented me from signing up for a while.

Its an old software but has definitely been around a while! It says 500k posts since 2009 but I definitely think if it had a better software and quality content I can bring users over.

I also have a different business model idea than this guy who made the site im referencing.

(Aaron Bell) #12

Got it, I definitely am thinking about making a few blog posts as well around the launch of the site to get traffic as well.

I’m excited for the challenge, I defnitely have some competition but I think with my business idea associated with a discourse page would be great if I can get it going.

(Jeff Atwood) #14