How should I disable automatic redirection to the Last reply?


I do not want to see posts automatically redirected to the final reply!
How should disable automatic redirection Last reply?

(Mittineague) #2

Most links do not go to the last reply in a topic, but more precisely, to the last place you were in that topic.

AFAIK this can not be disabled.

However - If you click on a topics “post” you have the option of going to the first or the last post.

In addition, once in a topic, you can click on the #/# in the lower right and ,go to the first, last, or specific post number you enter and “go” to.


I mean, I open a post
For example: Ability to block or mute another user
I do not redirect to the last reply, you can see mtndew4brkfst first posting content

I do not understand why I installed discourse View post content will be redirected to the final reply

(Mittineague) #4

You’ve contradicted yourself. But either way my previous post applys.


Sorry, my expression may not be accurate.

For example: Ability to block or mute another user
I logged in discourse, I do not want to be automatically redirected to the bottom of the 40 riking reply, I wish to enter post to keep 1 mtndew4brkfst let me see, do not want to see 40 riking reply
administrator How to set the discourse?

(Mittineague) #6

The only reason you should be going to post #40 is if you had already read that far in the topic, or if you followed a link to that post from elsewhere. Discourse “remembers” where “your place” was in a topic and will bring you to it. It is assumed that you do not want to reread earlier posts or need to scroll down to where you were.

If this is not the case, it may be a bug, but I have yet to experience it or seen any others complain about it happening to them.

As I said in post #2 you have the option of going to the first post, last post, or where you last were in a topic. And once in a topic you can navigate it without scrolling quite easily.


@Mittineague Thank you very much! :blush:

(Sam Saffron) #8

The general issue we have that we probably want to sort out long term is this.

  • I track topic #22
  • Post #7 is made
  • Post #8 is made
  • Post #9 is made
  • Post #10 is made, they mention me
  • I get a notification and click to post #10
  • I did not read 7-9. and have no easy way of catching back up on my gap.

In general this is not a huge issue, but if there is a 78 post gap it can get tricky for users.

Remembered Topic location should be "First Unread" post instead of "Last Read" post
(Dave McClure) #9

Also, if you scroll up far enough in a topic you have read to regain context, then its sometimes hard to get to the last post you read.

Something to consider:

  1. the “remembered” location could be the First Post I Have Not Read instead of the Last Post I Have Read
    So in your example, Sam, if you re-enter the topic, you’d start at post #7 instead of post #10/11
  2. both of these places could be added as shortcuts in the pop-up on the progress bar:
    • First Post I Have Not Read
    • Last Post I Have Read

Ability to Jump to First Unread post in Topic Navigator / Progress Bar
(Jeff Atwood) #10

@mcwumbly @sam should your feature request really be buried in this random support topic?