How to add a "home" button or something similar


Hi there, me again :wink:
My forum is now set up beautifully
However, when I’m in a specific message, and I want to go back to the main screen, I don’t have a clickable anything to do that.
My logo is on the left hand side and if you click it, you’ll get to the forum’s main page, but it’s not obvious that that’s what it does (ie- people might think that by clicking that link they’ll go back to my website- the forum is an added feature in the website.
Is it possible to add something like that? let’s say have the word “community” appear next to the hamburger on the top right corner, and that will take my users back to the “home page” of the forum?

Any words of wisdom, oh knowledgeable and wonderful Discourse peeps?

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This topic should help:

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When you click back, then you want to go back, and not to the home page (unless your previous page was the home page).

Many people want that, including myself.
Search for “back button” to see more about that discussion.