How to add a "Sign Up" button to my forum?


So currently my HTTPS Discourse forum is email invite only. I have prepared public and private categories now, and would like to allow users to Sign Up to the forum without needing the Admin (me) to send them an email invite. Right now, it only has a “Log In” button (and no “Sign Up” button like on this site).

I would also like to know if I can set permissions on the forum to allow unregistered users to see certain Categories. As it is, to see any of the forum, you have to login to it:

(Dje4321) #2

Disable Login Required under Settings -> Login and set permissions per category for access to it.

Setting the category permission to trust_level_0 should allow only registered members to see/use it

Setting the category permission to everyone would allow unregistered permissions to see it


Thank you Dje4321! :smiley:

I should post a follow-up question: any recommended secure precautions should I put in place before making registration public? Can I add a Captcha or security question for new users to answer? I want to avoid bot registrations as much as possible (a big problem I had with a previous phpBB forum).


Make sure you use the Akismet plugin and you should be fine. I haven’t had issues with bot spam on any Discourse forum I’ve ever run.

There will always be human spammers but CAPTCHA won’t stop them anyway and TLs and community flagging keep them in check.


Oh yes, human spammers will always be a problem. My bigger cause for concern are always bots: on an old phpBB forum I ran, they were constantly registering and posting, and I had to ban some new ad-posting bot every other day at least. A clever security question during registration stopped them from registering for the most part.

I will give Akismet a try if I have any issue with bots posting. I was moreso wanting to know if there’s a way I can at least add a security question and/or CAPTCHA for now.

(Jeff Atwood) #6

Bots are not a problem in Discourse but humans are.