How to add custom Themify Icons Font?

(Nam Nguyen) #1

I like some Themify Icons design, I really want to alternative some Font Awesome icons to themify, Is there any way to add Themify Icons font to Discourse? Thank you! :smiley:

(Daniela) #2

I think in the same way you add other things on a website

In the folder there is a README .text :arrow_down:


1) Upload the ‘themify-icons.css’ file and ‘fonts’ folder to your server

2) Add the CSS file into the <head> section of your site:
<link href="" rel="stylesheet">

you can add the folder where you want but then you need to change the path according.

3) Add the icon markup in your page:
`<span class="ti-download"></span>`

then you can change the fontawesome icons or add others from your new icon’s set in your /admin/customize/css_html

(Nam Nguyen) #3

Thanks @Trash so much!, I understood, I will try it :smiley: