How to Add H1 Tag in Homepage?

Dear Friends,

I have seen that H1 tag is missing in homepage.

I have search in other topic but could not find information for the same.

Can anyone help me how to add H1 Tag in Homepage?

Thank you in advance.


How are you defining homepage and what heading are you wanting to define as H1?

(And why?)


@HAWK I apologize for interfering in the conversation, just because of a possible improvement in the script.

There are 2 pages.



And on both, there is no header (H1). A page is a document. And the document should have a headline. Search engine robots (for example, Yandex) are very unhappy that there are pages without them. These are not critical errors; the document will be in the index. But the rating will not be very good.

Apparently, to solve this, we should refer to the file (eg):

 / app / views / list / list.erb
<%= server_plugin_outlet "topic_list_header" %>

Maybe in admin panel, it is worth adding 2 fields display the HTML code on these pages?

Not everyone has the ability to write plugins. And I don’t see the minuses in this approach (maybe I just haven’t woken up yet). )

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This is one of those pointless SEO checklist things which makes no sense on a forum homepage. There are <h1> tags in a topic, where this advice does make sense:

<h1 class="crawler-topic-title">
  <a href="/t/how-to-add-h1-tag-in-homepage/128233">How to Add H1 Tag in Homepage?</a>
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