How to add images to imported posts

(Rick Saenz) #1

I’m in the process of moving a Drupal-based forum to Discourse. In the Drupal forum images are attached to the topics and comments, and displayed at the end. I thought the simplest way to replicate this would be just add the image links to the body of the post when importing into Discourse.

The image links show up OK, but they aren’t oneboxed. If I edit the post, the images show up oneboxed in the preview pane, and if I save the post with no changes the images are now oneboxed.

Any suggestions for getting those images oneboxed during the import itself?

(Dean Taylor) #2

Check your /sidekiq page to check on the status of background processes.

Sometimes after a large import it can take quite some time for the posts to be “cooked” making the images one-boxed.

For me it took several days on one of my imports, but it was a very large site.

(Rick Saenz) #3

Thanks, I will be sure to take a look! UPDATE: That was exactly what I needed to know. Sidekiq was not running, but once I started it the oneboxed images began to replace the links.