How to add link or text message below navigation bar?

I have seen on a blog, A link is placed just below the Header/Navigation and before the new topic button…

In the above image, I have marked the place I am talking about…

How can I add a affiliate link there or a welcome message?

Built-in option:

Fancier add-on:


I don’t want to pin any topic at the banner, I just want to add an affiliate link or any specific welcome message there.

If I understand correctly, and you need a static insert, it can be like this:

Or use the following designs:

This is a guess, just have to look at the templates. What to do next is well written here:


Well, the easiest way is to enable the site setting global notice and add the text/link you want to use there.

Otherwise you need to write some HTML code in your /admin/customize/themes in the common > after header tab, eg:

<div class="test">
    <p> Some text and a <a href="#">link</a></p>

to produce:


If you need something more complicated use the handlebars templates as @Stranik has already recommended.


Awesome, This what I was asking for…

Thanks for the help, it will work

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