How to add more than 3 custom fields

(Love Chopra ) #1

I see on the admin panel there is a restriction of adding more then 3 custom fields, is there any way to add more number of custom fields?

(Jeff Atwood) #2

No, that is not possible at this time.

(Love Chopra ) #3

I have tried adding it from backend by inserting a row in user_fields table and it is working fine, can I do it in that way because I badly need more then 3 fields, pls suggest?


@lovechopra1: did you find out the answer for this? I would want to create >3 user fields as well. Thx.


@lovechopra1 , can u atleast share how did u done it? :slight_smile:

(Love Chopra ) #6

@kiyall @dbm, you can create it by login in to your post gres discourse database and insert a new record in user_fields table