How to add new string into existing language?

(Frey) #1

I figured out that one important string which should be placed in navigation menu don’t exist in cliend.en.yml:

This is where is this string should be placed: discourse/client.en.yml at master · discourse/discourse · GitHub

I know that Discourse translates on Transifex, but I didn’t found button to add missing locale string (may be I just have no permission to).

So here is my question: how should be resolvesd situations like this? Can I fork-fix-PR into Discourse repo or something else? It’s really annoying and was a problem about a year ago: Log in · Transifex (see comments to New (1).


(Marcin Rataj) #2

I guess you could try to use discourse-locale-override plugin.

It worked for me when I had to fix missing keys in Polish, for example for 1.2.0.beta5_fix I used client.pl_PL.yml with only one (missing) key: