How to Block Private Category Index in Google?

Currently I have created private category Called “ABC Discussion”. Also I have created one group “ABC Group”.

Now I want to show this category topics to everyone. And If you want to make reply then you have to register. So i will set “everyone” and “see” as below image.


If I set the above setting in category then google will index about category and topics. So How to block that category to be index in google?

Go /admin/customize/robots then add disallow if you’re install the sitemap plugin.

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Hi. I thought if a category was private then google didn’t crawl the category?

If so how should it be so that google will index it?

Allow: /c/categoryname


Allow: /c/categoryname/*

Thanks. I’m looking at SEO purposes as we made a lot of older public categories private to logged in users and I still want to retain the SEO on those.

I’m confused as to how “private” and “everyone see” aren’t mutually exclusive. headscratch

The group “everyone” includes not only everyone but everything - i.e. search engines

The Trust Level 0 group, in comparison, includes everyone that has registered - i.e. search engines are not registered

If you have a category’s settings:
Admin Create,Reply,See
TL0 See

For topics in that category, search engines should not index them, non-registered visitors should not see them, registered members can see the topics but only Admins can also Create and Reply to them.

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