How to bootstrap new web processes?

(Alexander “Weej” Jones) #1

GitHub - discourse/discourse_docker: A Docker image for Discourse says:

You can bootstrap new web processes while your site is running and only after it is built, switch the new image in.

We have our Postgres database running externally, but when we tried to bootstrap a new instance on a new machine, it appeared to work, but then gave HTTP 500 errors when accessing it. I noticed that shared/standalone/uploads was empty and our site logo was 404ing – I was under the mistaken impression that all of the state was contained in app.yml and the Postgres database.

Do we have to give the new instance a clean Postgres database in order to be able to log in and restore a backup? Or is there some other supported way of moving the data over?

I’m struggling to understand how multiple web instances can work if they depend on local files…!