How to buy Discourse forum only

(Dayan) #1

Dear All,

We are low income school have decided to stat a website and forum. Therefore it would be much apprenticed if you can advice us how to install discover forum plugin to our website

Thanks in advancxe


(Michael Howell) #2

If it’s at all possible, you should probably go with a standard hosted plan. Since you’re a school, you’ll get it at an 85% discount, which works out to be $15 a month.

It’s possible to get even cheaper, by running it on a box under a teacher’s desk or the $10 digital ocean setup, but in that case you’re going to have to enlist someone else to do maintenance on it, so it’s a question of whether you value your employee’s time more or you value five bucks more.

(Dayan) #3

Dear Sir,

Since we are going to buy low budget hosting plan , So what are the forum plugin requirement at the server side

(Michael Howell) #4

Basically, Discourse doesn’t work on shared hosting. You need a VPS with root access.

(Jay Abie) #5

You can start with VPS SSD: The most affordable high performance VPS - OVH
cheap and good.
3 dollars a month plan is able to handle small forum of discourse which is the minimum requirements to host this software.

(Dayan) #6

if we buy a forum plugin for a month. Then what happen end of the month . I mean can we able to run the forum without support or is it disconnected

Please advice

(Brendan Schlagel) #7

If you go with Discourse standard hosting (linked in first reply above) it’s full service, you continue paying monthly and they continue hosting the forum and you don’t have to worry about managing the tech side of it. The main alternatives are a) install yourself and pay only the minimal monthly hosting fee, or b) pay for the installation (@pfaffman does this for $99) which saves you the hard part of initial setup, but is otherwise the same as (a) insofar as you’re responsible for monthly hosting fee and ongoing maintenance.

To clarify, the software itself is open source and 100% free for you to use. What you’re paying for is hosting and maintenance (installation, upgrades, troubleshooting when things go wrong, etc). Unless you’re pretty comfortable with managing web tech stuff, or have someone who can do this, the heavily discounted official hosting plan would be simplest. For your own hosting, the $5 Digital Ocean plan is great, but be aware that it can be tricky to install Discourse and other stuff on the same server.

(Jay Pfaffman) #8

Most plugins are free. My install document has a faq section that answers many of your questions.

(Dayan) #9

Thanks for the advice

Is it ok for website and forum

this is our website

(Dayan) #10

Dear Sir , Where should I download free Discourse forum plugin that I can installed to our website my self

If it is unable to install myself . How much you should charge for me

(Christoph) #11

If you are unable to install discourse yourself, you don’t need to download it. If you want to give it a try yourself, follow these instructions:

Note that discourse is not a plugin but a standalone software.

This question has been answered in various replies above. It’s either 99 USD for the installation on your server or 15 USD per month for hosting the forum (including installation).

(Dayan) #12

Dear Sir How much it cost for both our website and discourse hosting for annual

our website is needed 2MB ram and SSD

(Christoph) #13

Since you already have a website, I suggest you keep it where it is and setup the discourse forum on a separate server. If you choose a hosted solution for discourse, that is the only way to do it since discourse hoster don’t host websites.

So the cost is 12 x 15 USD = 180 USD per year plus whatever you are already paying for your website.