How to change default top view to daily instead of weekly

(nXqd) #1

I would like to change the default view for top to daily. How can I do this ?

Thanks for reading

(Rafael Pereira) #2

You mean, changing the actual link? Admin > Settings > Basic Setup > Top Menu

(Jeff Atwood) #3

Top decides automatically what the correct default interval is, based on the level of activity (number of new topics) on your Discourse.

(nXqd) #4

awesome, thanks for your answer.
@bsides thanks for your answer, but what I meant is when you click on Top menu on “the Top menu” you specified.

I hope this is clear. btw, can you point me which part of the code regarding this, it’d be nice. Cheers !


Out of curiosity, is there no plan to allow forcing a default view for ‘top’?

I am hoping to set either the ‘top weekly’ or ‘top daily’ view as the initial page.