How to change domain but without lost ranking

Please help me way for change current domain but without lost ranking or affecting SEO.

My current domain:
New domain:

Who can step by step instructions for me.

Thank support and everybody.

This is a question for your domain name provider. It is not Discourse specific.

Edit: unless I’m misunderstanding you, in which case I apologise. :slight_smile:

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I do not understand yet.
All keywork in Google search about content of old site will lost if i change domain.
More 5000 visit in site everyday from google search.
I dont want lost ranking :’(

SEO is a dark pit of lies and despair – don’t panic, it’s not worth the burnt calories.

If changing your your domain is important, do it. Any change will be very temporary – your site will be recrawled.

We really don’t want to get into SEO snake-oil peddling here. If you want to do some reading, I’d recommend:


I think must redirect old domain to new domain.Otherwise all post old not redirect to new domain and 404 error.

I spent a year building it,I’m afraid of that :’(
Now I do not know what to do

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  • Get Discourse working for the new domain
  • Make sure everything for the old domain does a 301 redirect to the new one.

Then maybe remap posts to correct all the old links.

Search engines will begin re-indexing pretty quickly.


Yes…thank :*
I did as instructed : Change the domain name or rename my Discourse?

Do I have to do anything else?

The big thing is to see that the old domain redirects to the new one. If the old site is not https,it’s easy, just point the domain name to the same IP as the new one (or use cname). If the is sure is https it’s more difficult because you need to have a certificate for that site.

A custom page rule on the free cloudflare plan can handle the redirect on ssl even as far as carrying the location requested.

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