How to change my about-us section?

(Mukul Dilwaria) #1

I want to change description of my about us section and also want to hide site stats there and also i want to admins and moderators . Not able to that. Please help me out

(Daniela) #2

If you want only change the description you can modify the site description site setting

Add this in customize/theme/common CSS to hide stats, admins and mods

 .about-page .about.stats, .about-page .about.admins, .about-page .about.moderators {
      display: none;

(Mukul Dilwaria) #5

How to do this . please can you tell where it is ?

(Joshua Rosenfeld) #6

Alternately (less text, easier to tweak later, IMO):

.about-page {
    .about.stats, .about.admins, .about.moderators {
        display: none;

(Daniela) #7

Click on Admin in you hamburger menu, then:

(Mukul Dilwaria) #8

Also it is not allowing me to add the new paragraph … I want to add a paragraph. Also want to make some text bold

(Mukul Dilwaria) #9

Where to add this into ? which file ?

(Mukul Dilwaria) #10

@jomaxro @Trash Can you tell me how to add a new paragraph and a bold text in description !! I am able to hide the things !!


(Mukul Dilwaria) #11

@jomaxro i want to hide badges , users, groups , tags from top three line bar !!
Thanks please help

(Daniela) #12

Read here How to edit the "About Us" Page?

You need to add this on your CSS:

.about-page .about.description {
   h2 {
       display: none;
   p:after {
       white-space: pre-wrap;
       content: "\A\A First paragraph\A\ASecond Paragraph";

(Joshua Rosenfeld) #13

@Mukul_Dilwaria, please stop mentioning users. You are asking basic CSS questions, these are not Discourse specific. If members of the community wish to assist you, they can, but are under no obligation to. I’d encourage you to do some research on your own to learn more about CSS.

You may with to review Discourse default Font color for information on how to use your browser developer tools to explore the CSS of Discourse.

(Mukul Dilwaria) #14

Thanks for your help. I dont know any thing . Sorry !

(Daniela) #15

To hide badges, users, groups and tags:

.menu-panel li {
    .widget-link.badge-link, .widget-link.user-directory-link, .widget-link.groups-link, a.widget-link[href="/tags"]   {
        display: none;

Learn the basic CSS here CSS Tutorial. It’s not difficult and helps you make basic changes and customize your site a bit.
Or searching here on Meta you can find a lot of CSS customization that you can use, as @jomaxro said .