How to change pg locale for better search after Discourse has been installed with Docker?

(Anton) #1

I have fairly read all the installation guides but haven’t found anything about this. Please help.

I’m running v. with a standard Docker installation in DigitalOcean.
The website locale is RU.

I’ve read somewhere that in order for postgres to search better, I have to set database locale to RU.
Could anyone explain what exactly should be changed and how?


(Jeff Atwood) #2

I think @sam had some posts here about that, try scoping your searches to his profile by starting your search from his profile page.

(Anton) #3

Spent hours and still no success.

(Jeff Atwood) #4

Maybe I was mistaken. Looks like you need to take a backup in Postgres, then re-initialize the database with the different locale, then restore the backup

(Anton) #5

I’ve tried to do some more analysis and outlined per cluster vs per database localization here:

(Anton) #6

Any update on this?
I installed a new Discourse instance and it seems as if I encountered the same problem again,

(Anton) #7

I’ve tried combining techniques from this thread:

… and the “Example: Delete a corrupted database” section from this thread:

I cannot both reset the whole database AND import all the data and make it indexes.

Could someone please share a working and up-to-date way to change database locale. That would be very helpful. Many thanks.