How to change SMTP details

(srikanth) #1


i hosted a forum in my own server . it’s opened in browser, now the problem is unexpectedly SMTP details like mail, password…etc are given to edit or change those SMTP details.please help me, thanks in advance.

(Vinoth Kannan) #2

For docker installs you should update SMTP details in /var/discourse/containers/app.yml file and run rebuild through SSH

Check below for more details

(RBoy) #3

I have a basic question here, why should one have a rebuild the entire setup just to update the SMTP username/password? Isn’t that something discourse can pull on the fly by just updating the file?

(Stephen) #4

No, the file is used during the build process for the container. It’s not touched at runtime.

(RBoy) #5

Thanks, I get that I was referring to is there a more direct way to update the username/password in a file or through the GUI? (like the POP3 eMail settings) If not, shouldn’t there be one rather having to rebuild the setup?