How to change sso_url from console

(Himanshu Chhangani) #1

I had implemented sso using my website, now catch is the domain name of my website has changed, but i forgot to change the sso_url from UI, hence now i am locked out of discourse.
Now my quesetion is, is there a way by which i can change the sso_url by logging into discourse server via ssh.

(Dean Taylor) #2

It is mentioned in the first post on this topic:

Well at least a way of disabling SSO is, but it’s not too much of a leap to change the URL… Either way your covered

(Himanshu Chhangani) #3

is there a parameter available like this,
irb > SiteSetting.enable_sso = false

which could directly let me set the new sso_url ?

(Jeff Atwood) #4

Just use the /users/admin-login route to bypass SSO.

(Dean Peterson) #5

I’m needing to debug something so I replicated/restored my production environment to a test machine. The sso url in the backup still points at the production url; I want it to point to a machine where I can hit a breakpoint. Due to the requirement for e-mail, simply logging in at /users/admin-login will not work. I use Amazon SES for e-mail and I can’t “verify” the localhost domain. So when the system tries to send me an e-mail with a login link, I never receive it. A setting to temporarily shut sso off would be useful. Instead, I will need to go to my production machine, take the risk of changing the sso url there, make a backup, then change the url back.

(Gurwinder Singh) #6

Thanks @codinghorror for this hack