How to change the content of test email?


Is there a way to change the content of the sent email for test
Email> Settings> Send Test Email

Yes, you can. Check the below topic.

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Not exactly what I meant, let me elaborate, after making an email template and styling it, I want to test and see how it looks like on different contents, However, the issue is it always shows the same content in the test email I send

The content:

Email deliverability is complicated. Here are a few important things you should check first:

*** Be sure to set the notification email from: address correctly in your site settings. The domain specified in the “from” address of the emails you send is the domain your email will be validated against .**
*** Know how to view the raw source of the email in your mail client, so you can examine email headers for important clues. In Gmail, it is the “show original” option in the drop-down menu at the top right of each mail.**
*** IMPORTANT: Does your ISP have a reverse DNS record entered to associate the domain names and IP addresses you send mail from? Test your Reverse PTR record here. If your ISP does not enter the proper reverse DNS pointer record, it’s very unlikely any of your email will be delivered.**

We hope you received this email deliverability test OK!

Good luck,

Is there a way to inject different content?

No, you can’t inject new content while sending the test email each time.

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