How to change the default view (for homepage)



I’m trying to change the default view for the homepage.
Currently, its showing: Categories on left side and latest posts on the right side.

I remember seeing an option to change the default view.
My discourse site is a pretty new site (like max 3 months old).
I’m guessing - after the new updates - its no more there.
Because I’m pretty sure it was there before. It was letting me select the default view.

ALSO - before starting this new thread, I’ve searched the entire meta site and also Google trying to find info regarding this. But I couldn’t really find anything regarding this. So, had to start a new thread for this.

Someone - please assist me.
How to change the default view.
I’d like the “latest” page to be the default view for both mobile+desktop.

(Logan Mathews) #2

Admin Menu -> Settings -> Basic Setup - Top Menu

First one will be the homepage.

Hasn’t moved.


This is what I see.

Please - let me know what needs to be done.

(Logan Mathews) #4

Drag latest to the left infront of categories.


From what I can see, it is to “re-order the menu bar links”

But I’d like to see the latest posts in the homepage. (without categories)

(Logan Mathews) #6

Have you tried moving it?


You are a life saver !!!
Thanks a ton!!! Literally I mean it!!!

(Logan Mathews) #8

Glad to be of help. Enjoy :slight_smile:

(Régis Hanol) #9