How to change the order of posts in a thread

We have a guy who posts the Poem for the Day every day. It’s awesome. I want his newest post up at the top of the thread, but instead it’s at the bottom of list so people have to scroll down to find it. How do I list his newest posts first?


In case you don’t find a way to change the order of the posts, I’d like to suggest a new category: Poem of the day. I believe (okay, suspect) that you can control new post creation to limit it to only him. So a thread per day - newest should naturally float to the top - and people’s responses are threaded with the post they’re responding to.

And yes, this is awesome. Thanks for sharing.


What’s even more awesome is that this guy, Larry Robinson, has been providing a Poem for the Day for the town of Sebastopopl for more than 25 years - every day!


A new topic per day sounds like a much better idea. It will be easier to search and find old ones this way too, as well has have discussion about just one poem.