How to change topic avatar size?

(Sam) #21

Post-avatar meaning within a topic, correct? The script above using the plugin API for changing the widget setting should work as-is, it’s what I use on my forums for 70px avatars without issue.

You may need to add 70 to the avatar sizes setting in admin/settings, though. It’s been a while since I set this up, not 100% sure.

(Joe Fedric) #22

I changed the avatar size to 120, and did some layout movement to slide the avatars slightly under the cards (posts). So, I’m happy, but I will have to see how my users feel. At the moment, everything appears to be working and the blur is gone, except for some avatars, though I suspect that is just a low-res upload.

Thanks for your help @Yuun!!

(Robin Ward) #23

Sure here’s a setting to change the avatar size:

How to increase Header avatar size?
(Joe Fedric) #24

My users complained about 120px, but appear to be happy with 60px for the header and posts :stuck_out_tongue:

(Daniela) #25

Here are two guides to increase the size of the avatars on posts and on the homepage Latest without the effect blurred: