How to clear translations cache in development?

(probus) #1

I was trying to troubleshoot why my translations don’t show the proper names for months (they show in English for some reason) and I noticed that editing the server.xx.yml doesn’t have any effect in the UI. I guess there is some kind of caching going on, even in vagrant. Changes in client.xx.yml update after page refresh. How can I get all the translations to refresh/clear the cache?

(Hugo Almeida) #2

I had the same problem while developing a plugin, i spent a few hours wondering why my files were not being detected or reloaded even after using bundle exec rake assets:clean.

Then i saw somewhere the suggestion of rm -rf tmp/cache/assets my first reaction was “duh isn’t that what assets:clean does!?”, lo and behold it fixed my problem (also restart the server).

And by the way don’t try to symlink your plugins, vagrant won’t be able to access them, i guess its because of the NTFS file share.

(probus) #3

Thanks. I had the same thought at first, but unfortunately it doesn’t work here.

(Jeff Atwood) #4

Any ideas here @techapj?

(Arpit Jalan) #5

Can you try doing:

bundle exec rake assets:clobber assets:precompile

(probus) #6

Unfortunately, that doesn’t seem to work either.

(probus) #7

I didn’t figure out how to get them to reload, but I did figure out the original problem. The dates aren’t translated, because Discourse is using an old version of moment for those and it seems to be missing quite a few locales. Etiher you’ve made some customizations or the old version is incompatible with the newest translations because simply copying them to the correct Discourse directory fails.

Any chance to get that updated so I don’t have to manually find and tweak old files from that project?