How to configure subdomain when having two different host providers?

(Mauro) #1

I have my domain name registered with GoDaddy, and I use Inmotion Hosting to host my WordPress site, and I’m planning to get a new VPS on Digital Ocean to host Discourse, but I have difficulties understanding how and where I need to configure the DNS settings?

I’m planning to keep my site, and I’m looking to host Discourse alongside my site as, and pointers will be really useful.


(Matt Palmer) #2

Set the A record for to the IP address of the Digital Ocean VPS.

(Jay Pfaffman) #3

Lest @mpalmer’s answer not be understandable, in spite of its clarity, GoDaddy doesn’t care what IPs you tell it to point to, so you just need to figure out how you did that when you did it for your Wordpress site. :slight_smile: