How to control which email messages send and do not send


We are using Discourse for our community forum and validating users with single sign on from our main app.

Looking through the email settings and templates in our Discourse admin there doesn’t seem to by a way to filter out which emails we do not want Discourse to send to our users.

Here’s an example. Even though we are validating emails via our app, Discourse is still sending a “Confirm your current email address…” email to users. We would do not want this to send but also don’t want to turn off all email from Discourse.

Am I missing where we can control this or is their no way to do so without digging into the code?

You help is appreciated. Thanks!

(Jeff Atwood) #2

Hmm, sounds like SSO isn’t implemented properly? Official Single-Sign-On for Discourse (sso)

With SSO, there is no validation of email unless you explicitly tell us the email is “dirty”, that is, not validated by the parent site. Which is itself unusual, we expect the emails to be validated and working from the parent site.


Ok, that’s how I thought it worked until I noticed a “Confirm your current email address…” email in my inbox. Thinking about it, his may have occurred when I updated my email address or transferring my mail admin account from one to another.

I will post back here when I figure it out.

Thanks @codinghorror!