How to correct change the forum?

I’m a noob in Discourse and ROR. But i should make a lot of tasks on Discourse forum like a rewriting login page, add menu, change categories and others. Please help me. Should i change the code in discourse folder or site admin page?

Make a #plugin


Just only plugin? I can’t change discourse files?

And give me please some example of customization login page by plugin.

Or say me the right way, how to do login page

It might be best if you write up a new topic in the #dev category elaborating on what it is you need done. As just saying, I want to customize the login page doesn’t really help us inform you on your best options.


Changing Discourse’s existing files is difficult to maintain because every time you update Discourse your changes would be lost. We recommend plugins for customizations, which modify/add to the core Discourse code in a way that doesn’t break with updates.

We have a tutorial about how to get started with plugins here


As @cpradio stated quite well, it’d be really helpful to know specifically what you’re looking to do. Mockups are very helpful for that. Many things can be customized on your forum without a plugin using CSS, JS, and HTML added via themes in admin.

As to “don’t modify discourse files”, I shared an anecdote of a situation I ran into here: