How to create a new main list of topics?

I would like to create a new list of topics, similar to latest, new, Top, etc. but with different functionality and look.

It will replace the landing page of my forum.

It would list the threads that are tagged with a “cover page” tag, grouped in categories.

They would be formatted in a different way (I am thinking of using topic list previews plugin for changing how they are presented in that list).

But I don’t know if there is a tool or plugin for creating new lists and create the associated filters to retrieve the posts.

If there is no such tool, I guess I would have to program a plugin for it.
I am new to discourse and have very few expertise programing JavaScript and rails.

I would need a simple plugin that makes something similar in order to try changing it and adapting it to what I have in mind.

Any boy knows were to find what I am looking for?

Thank you all for reading this.