How to create a new page similar to About, FAQ, Terms & Privacy?

I would like to create another page for here:

How would I go about this?

Ughh OK try again.

I have found no other similar topics.

Is there a solution for this?

No, there is no solution for this.

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Is there a reason for this?

There is no reason for this.

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Lol. Ok, why not? Surely I am not the only one to want something like this.

I am a non-techy so bear with me. Does this mean i’d have to get a plugin built?

Yes go build a plugin.

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Seems like it’d be a nice addition to the static-pages plugin, which I currently maintain (or rather, don’t really at the moment, because I’m working full time for another client).

If you had some :money_with_wings: to throw at me, I could probably be convinced to work over the weekend and add this feature.

If not, it does add links to the burger menu (when its not broken), and I should eventually get round to fixing it.