How to create a plugin that change the layout and add new table

(Sedrickcz) #1

Is there any tutorial how to create a plugin with this coverage or can you help me?

  1. I need to add a custom field for the user and the input field in
    registration and profile settings.
  2. New table for assigning Kickstarter badges to users and assign them
    after registration.
  3. And of course layout changes with background and menu.

Thank you.

(Sam Saffron) #2

Can you spec this in details with screen shots, it will make it much easier to help you out here.

(Sedrickcz) #3

Desired layout is here:

Is it possible override application.html.erb in plugin?

I need to add a custom field for the user in profile settings:

I need to add a custom field for the user in registration:

I need table UserBadges with KS Email and Badge Title, which will be source for badge assignment after registration or adding it in profile settings.

(Sedrickcz) #4

Nobody is willing to help me? :frowning:

(Jeff Atwood) #5

Does it have to be part of the signup form? It would be an easier change if it was only present on the user profile fields, editable after you create an account… otherwise it’s a change that has to modify the login flow too


What would the process look like if the extra fields were limited to the user profile fields (and not the signup form)? Could be valuable for instances that want to collect a little more user information.

Edit: I also see that this topic has come up in another relatively recent post: adding gamertags to profile

(Jeff Atwood) #8

It is a recurring and common request to want to add arbitrary user fields on the user page for various things. We will get to that.

(Jessp01) #9


What would be the best way for me to implement it myself? It has to be done in the account creation form because I want to enforce filling those fields.
Any suggestions?
Thanks a lot,

(Zohar Babin) #10

@codinghorror - is there any chance this could get into ‘official roadmap’ plan with a date or some kind of estimate?
We’d also love to implement it ourselves and submit a pull-request if you can share some insights to the proper way this should be done, or share any thoughts you’ve had so far about how this should/can be implemented.

Discourse is amazing, adding fields to user-registration is a critical feature currently missing.


(Jeff Atwood) #13

This is now possible as @eviltrout added support for custom user fields.

See admin, customize, user fields. It is exactly what you mocked up.

The custom badge support @sam added a while ago as well.