How to create a post/topic with specific date through API?

(Felipe) #1


it’s possible create a post/topic with a specific date with API?

i’m using the parameter “created_at” with the specific, ie ‘2012-11-11 12:00:00’, but the date saved is current.

(Sam Saffron) #2

I don’t think this is doable now, but open to add a parameter provided it is admin only

(pjv) #3

If someone adds this parameter (maybe all the date related parameters would be better) to the API for creating topics, then I will modify the wp-discourse plugin (and submit a PR) to take advantage of it and allow a wordpress admin option to create Discourse topics that retain the original wordpress publication date for WP posts published to Discourse topics.

This is would be extremely useful for those who are integrating Discourse into an existing WP community as a comment engine for existing WP posts, and would take care of my use-case described here:

(system) #4