How to create an Andorid/IOS app that is an exact copy of my discourse site?



How to create an Andorid/IOS app that is an exact copy of my discourse site?

Why I’m planning to create an app that is an exact copy of my discourse site?
In the mobile version of Chrome browser, there is an option called “Add to Home Screen” and when we click that, it adds an icon in the home screen. It looks like an app to be honest. The address bar is no more there. Push notifications work too. This is because discourse by itself - is already looking like a full-fledged app. And I love this. This is when I thought why not make an android/ios app that is an exact copy of the website.

Anyone here know how this can be accomplished?
Please guide me.

(Kane York) #2

Well, that’s what the Chrome team was trying for, so I think they’ll be glad to hear that.

I remember there’s a series of steps you can take that cause Chrome to sometimes pop up an Add To Home Screen offer at the bottom of the screen. Is that what you’re looking for?


No, I’d like to create an an andorid/ios app that is an exact copy of my discourse site.

(Joshua Rosenfeld) #4

If I’m understanding correctly, you want a user to go to the app store, download “Nixie’s forum”, and when run it launches your forum with a hidden address bar? That shouldn’t be terribly complicated, take a look at the existing GitHub - discourse/DiscourseMobile: Discourse Mobile Notifier app on Github, it sounds like you want to “extract” the webview part of the app, removing the multi-forum screen.


That is exactly what I want to do.

How easy/tough is to extract the webview part? Do you think it will be possible for you to list the steps to do that? Or may be a link to a documentation?

And if you think it isn’t that easy of a task - then I’m ready to hire someone also. In that case would you recommend anyone to me.

(Joshua Rosenfeld) #6

I honestly have no idea. I’ve never looked at the code of the app myself.

Are you a software engineer? Do you have programming experience? This will involve writing/modifying code. It will not be a simple “follow these steps” task.


I do not have android/ios app development experience.
So I think I’ll have to take help of an app developer.

(Felix Freiberger) #8

Note that you will likely lose push notifications if you do this, unless you also implement a service to provide them.


@fefrei - yes that is fine with me.
@fefrei - would you recommend any app developer to me?

If the app developer is someone who is from the discourse community - then its best - (that way I won’t really have to explain things in detail to him)

(Felix Freiberger) #10

I’d recommend that you post in #marketplace, including the budget you have for this :slight_smile:


Did you manage to get your single site app going?