How to create New Discourse


I want to create forum for my community, but i can’t do. Any idea to help me?

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Have you had a look at How to install Discourse in production? You can also have a look at #howto:faq for some more instructions on how to get started.

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This option what you said is free for Discourse but for full setup you need to pay

Discourse is free, but computers, electricity, and network connectivity all cost money. For many people, Digital Ocean’s $5/month droplet is sufficient. You also need a mail delivery service, as delivering email in the time of email spammers is complicated; that too will cost money. You also need a domain for your forum URL. You’ll have to pay for that too.

If you want to try out Discourse as a user, you can see For a 2 week trial, you can sign up at Discourse pricing | Discourse - Civilized Discussion


For domain i can use CloudFire which is for free but can you suggest something like Digital ocean but for free?

and how can i make design something like this

And can i add multi-language option. That is i can choose Eng/Lat/Rus/Ger for example

I can’t find any mention of free domains on CloudFlare. Can you provide a link about it?
As for a free hosting, the only one I know is Self hosting for free with Oracle Cloud but I wouldn’t advise hosting a community on it. The forum will be painfully slow.

You’ll find tons of info here: Search results for 'theme #howto' - Discourse Meta

It depends on what you mean by multi-language. Would only the interface be multi-language, or would your forum have multiple language categories or topics?
Anyway, I suggest you to start looking at these resources first: Search results for 'multi language' - Discourse Meta.