How to create posts without description

how to create posts without description

Do you mean without body content? Or perhaps title? Let us know what you are after. :slight_smile:


If you want ot get rid of it, just make a fake HTML tag.

Make the title whatever, than make the body something like this


I will be putting it in an example below. To mods, please dont take it down, I’m showcasing this.

As you can see, the body is completely empty, which is how you can do this. It doesn’t work with the title though.

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Hello and welcome @Diego_Amorim_de_Sous :slight_smile:

I notice you’ve been creating a few topics recently with only a limited amount of detail. Rather than simply repeating the topic title in the OP, elaborating on what you want to achieve in a bit more depth can help people provide the right support for your needs and remove some of the guesswork. :slightly_smiling_face: Including topics you’ve read, searches you’ve tried, and any other settings/screenshots/extras you think may help is also useful. :+1:


I have implemented it with a plugin:

It allows to set «min first post length» to 0.