How to create tag structures, tag category restrictions, tag groups and tag relationships

If I have sub-category per Make, can a topic auto-tagged by the sub-category name.For example, if I post something in honda the tag honda will be automatically added, allowing the user to select the right model straight away.

There’s no way to do that without a plugin. In your example, you don’t need the make tags if you have make categories. Use only the corresponding model tag group on each subcategory instead.

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So I know what I would have to do. When I get related topics right, the code of the plugin is simple, meaning not that many lines to write, isn’t it?

I want to make these topics available in another context, so they have to ne tagged according their category and subcategory

So you mean to post in the category not in the subcategory and use tags instead of the subcategory?

There’s a plugin that does something similar that you can reference:

I was saying that if you have a “Mazda” (sub-)category, then I don’t see why you also need to apply a “Mazda” tag to all topics in the “Mazda” (sub-)category. But you say you need it for another context, so fair enough.


Tag group titles should be clickable. When guiding users to use a category specific tag group, I can’t send a link and show them that tag group.


I’m looking to create tags that only admins can create like “Product Announcements”. This area of “Staff tags” looks like it would help but when I search in settings I don’t get any results.

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Look for min trust to create tag.


Is it possible to automatically apply a tag to all posts within a category? The reason for this is that I wanted to use the tag intersections page for applicable tagged posts within a category, but right now I can only filter via tags, but category. I like how clean the intersection page looks so didn’t want to workaround using the search function. Thank you!

You can already filter by category + tag if you enable the “show filter by tag” setting.


Understood. My use case is to filter by a category + 3 tags though. Thank you!

Hi all,

Either I’ve stumbled upon a bug or I’m missing something obvious. I have about a 150 tags to associated under a group, so I’m trying the CSV method. I’ve tried virtually every combination to meet the modal requirement of “‘tag_name,tag_group’” and nothing works. Every upload results in a single tag of: tag-name-tag-group with no grouping.

I’m hoping someone else can test to see if it’s a bug, or at least provide an example CSV screenshot to see what I could possibly be missing.



OK, so my last gasp attempted was to create my own plain txt file and name it .csv and it worked! As a heads up, Excel and Google Sheet ‘Save As’ CSV did not work.


Is it possible to require users to select 1 tag from 2 (or more) groups too? In our case, we’d need a level AND a version before you can post:

Tag group: Tutorial level

  • tag: beginner
  • tag: intermediate

Tag group: Version

  • tag: 291
  • tag: 292

So far, I only succeeded in making one tag group required, and by using the parent-child system, I end up adding a lot of ‘noise’ to the topic tags; in the example below I’d like to only see ‘beginner’ and ‘292’:


An ideal solution would be to have separate select boxes for each tag group, something like this. I understand this is well outside the usual scope of how people may use it, but can this be customized through a TC or plugin?



Thanks for the detailed information on tags!
I noticed that subcategories do not follow the same tag restrictions set in the parent category, so we will have to restrict each subcategory individually.
Is there any way we can do it at the parent level?

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Hey thanks for this helpful howto guide.

@neil you mentioned Car Talk and in their homepage they are using this really nice combo box. Would you please tell me how to make the combo boxes Car Talk is using?

Thank you!


I recently needed to unrestrict a tag group because I wanted it available to every other category. Unfortunately that meant I had to go through every category I remember restricted the tag group to its category.

Could the manage tag groups page have a section that shows how the tag group relates to the different categories so that we can change restrictions from the tag group page?


Yes, we’ve had discussions about controlling the restrictions from the tag group page for cases like yours. We’ll try to get to it in this release or the next.


Hi. I am in the midst of trying to reorganize the structure of our conversations and, before I delve into tag structures, I am wondering if there is a way to allow users to opt-in to email notifications for new posts with specific tags? Also curious if the same is possible for specific categories? Thanks!


Hey! Users do have individual preferences for notifications based on both tags and categories. You can see them here on your Meta profile:

Unless you’ve tinkered with your site’s settings, users should receive an email notification when a new post comes in if they haven’t been active on the site for about 10 minutes and have their relevant notification preferences set to one of the “watching” options.

I should also mention there are defaults you can set in your site settings (search for default tags in your site settings page). The defaults you set can be overridden by users in their preferences if they want to make any personal adjustments. In general, if you set defaults, it’s better to use the “watching first post” option to avoid anyone getting overloaded with emails.

Now that you’ve brought it up, we probably should mention tag notification preferences in A comprehensive guide to Discourse tags :thinking: I’ve made a note to add that!